Brain Vomit and Catharsis

The process of writing is not a tidy thing. It is extremely messy, as a matter of fact. Currently I am part of a group therapy collection of hurt people that meets three times a week in an intensive outpatient setting. Early last month I broke. This is what I call it when I experience such an enormous depressive episode that I need to be hospitalised, something that has happened often over the course of my life. I think this was the last time, because this hospital was different. The staff there, from the doctors and nurses to the security guards, were kind and empathetic and took a very human interest in all the patients. To be treated thusly was such a vast change from my early experiences. I finally felt like I was being cared for.

I have used my journaling most of my life as a cathartic exercise to sort my feelings and my thoughts, without realising it. They have always been messy things, these thought almanacs. They have been filled with scribbles to get my pen working and writing smoothly; doodles and marginal swearings. Sometimes the “entries” were actually RPG characters, or just pages of song lyrics or transcribed poems. Sometimes my own poetry emerged onto the pages. Sometimes they were letters to people I was angry at or hurt by. Messy, sloppy, dangerous spiky things, those journals. I don’t have any of them anymore except the last two and a half years’ worth. Between loss of one sort or another, they have all been swallowed by the world. Two and a half years ago our home was consumed by fire; it’s a plum miracle my family and I escaped with our lives. I had to jump from the roof after my son and a police officer caught my daughter doing the same. But as we stayed in a hotel for two weeks after the fire, I picked up pen and paper again and kept writing.

Several years ago a compatriot turned me on to Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and I dearly love her concept. Write every day? Oh hells yes, I can do that! But I dislike her rigid stance on THREE PAGES A DAY NO MATTER WHAT. So when I talk to people about TAW I always give them the caveat of “write until you are done”. Whether that is half a page, or six pages. Because it’s messy. When you sit down with your journal, whether it is a sloppy collection of notebook sheafs unbound, or a beauteous leatherbound journal you saved up for and had your eye on for months, vomiting your brain out onto paper is a deeply personal and quite spiritual act. The snarled thoughts can be intimidating. We talk a lot about those confusing and unknown thoughts and feelings in group. A lot of what we are thinking and feeling is unknown even to us, and journaling helps us to understand ourselves. That cannot always fit into a tidy three-page package. Sometimes it’s too scary and intimidating to get into, so a few sentences is all we can tolerate for a day. And sometimes it just starts to pour out of us like the heaves from drinking too much or eating tainted food…those body-wracking vomits that just. never. stop. You don’t know what you’re writing about; it makes no sense; the sentence structure is all over the map and your English teacher would wrinkle her brow in utter befuddlement and run out of red ink. But that’s ok because the point of journaling is not to score well on anything other than Getting It Out. Go back and read it later, if you want. The catharsis of brain vomit is that as you write, you are unsnarling the Gordian Knot strand by fragile strand, and your mind is, in fact, figuring it out.

Emotions are tricksy beasts. They themselves do not know what is going on. And our thoughts often create them by overthinking. TOOL says “overthinking, overanalysing separates the body from the mind”. Writing, especially the brain vomit type of journaling, helps us avoid that. The cathartic process of just letting the confusion and pain and the frustration and anger flow out our fingertips and onto paper or keyboard helps us unlock from our minds and bodies where we have stowed away our traumas and hurts those things we NEED to get out, so we can safely integrate them in a slow and nurturing way.

So write.

Published by: The Science Witch

Witchery is science, and science is witchery.  My journey through this mortal coil is nothing more than transforming myself from one state to another.  Through that transformation I transform others; I also transform the world around me.  I do this through various means that can be considered arcane: my thoughts transform my very brain by way of electrical currents and chemical signals.  My hands transform my world through the actions of physics and chemistry by way of the magic of cooking and the application of the arcane potions of makeup and hairspray.  My actions nurture or destroy by way of kindness or apathy or discipline.  Of myself or others.  This blog is all about that.  And the story behind how I found all of it out...


3 thoughts on “Brain Vomit and Catharsis”

  1. YES writing is excellent but that rigid 3 pages — or 750 words, I did for a while but it didn’t work for me — is WAY too rigid. It might be what works for her but so so many people assume that what works for them is what works for everyone! I would wind up getting out whatever was in my system and then babbling about the cats or whatever, just to make the 750 words, and it would totally negate the impact of what I’d actually have to get out.

    I’m using for my journaling right now (my hands aren’t remotely up to writing that much by hand, alas, and also I think so fast I’d forget half of what I wanted to get down before I got to it) and I’m really liking it so far. Plus doing a Book of Me (as recommended by Havi) a little at a time at Canva — it’s scrapbooking style cos pictures. I did a page yesterday and it took a lot of the day but I’m really really happy with it!

    (If you PM me on FB I’ll put it online somewhere and send you a link, cos I don’t wanna just share it public yet or maybe at all.)

    Word vomit! Also tastier than the other kind.


    1. typing versus writing in a journal works really well for a lot of people because it goes so quickly, and thus it can keep up with the speed of thought. i really like the idea of a scrabook-style journal! pictures! that is a really neat idea! and who says you need to share your thoughts with anyone; this blog is made for public consumption. you know full well my facebook page contains a much more private version of my thoughts, and my paper journal a much more private version still. the catharsis of writing should be a many-layered thing, because we ourselves are many-layered things!


      1. The pictures stuff is SO FUN because I am shit ass horrible at drawing or anything like that, but doing clipart and stuff is totally a thing I can do and I can even modify it some to be more what I want and there are things to say that are easier with pictures than words and also it’s pretty when I’m done or at least neat to look at!

        I’m real careful about public vs private because my roommates are a HUGE part of my problems right now and like half the SCA knows them and thinks they’re the bee’s knees, and while I’m living here I don’t feel safe sharing anything about them in places where people who know them might be, and I probably shouldn’t even put this here but I’m gonna because sometimes I just have to SAY A FUCKING THING? You know?

        Anyways ugh. Gonna do another scrapbook page today I think. Or not, I dunno. Thursday is Sabbath and self-care day for me so no working anyways.

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